CBCT Imaging

Cone Beam CT imaging evaluates the jaw joints and airway in 3D.

Joint Vibration Analysis

The JVA electronically records the vibrations (friction) of the jaw joints improving our diagnostic capabilities.

Home Sleep Test


HST’s are commonly used by physicians to diagnose sleep breathing disorders.  We use them mid-treatment to check the efficacy of our therapy.

Digital Impressions

No more goop in the mouth!  Digital impressions replace traditional impressions making it easier for patients with gag reflexes and limited opening.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

Alpha-Stim CES provides non-pharmaceutical relief to patients suffering from pain, anxiety and depression.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser (Photobiomodulation) Therapy reduces inflammation, decreases pain, and increases cellular turnover promoting healing.

Let Us Help!

If jaw pain, facial pain, or sleep disorders plague you, let us help! The TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre has a treatment that will provide relief. From laser therapy and physical therapy to airway pressure machines and orthotic appliances, we will find a way to help you live your best life.

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